Worlds of Power: Bionic Commando

Publication Date: June 05, 2015

Chapter: Rose-Colored Comics

The Worlds of Power books were a series of young adult adaptions of NES games, and I absolutely loved them. In an era in which video games stories were mostly whatever you made up in your head, these books created narratives out of the pixels for you. Even as a child, I got 100% obsessed with every fandom I fell into, so knowing everything about Nintendo games was totally my jam.

Naturally, these books were actually terrible. For funsies, though, you need to read this list of differences between the video game Bionic Commando and the book, the highlight of which is "Jack is mentioned jumping several times."

Author: F.X. Nine (But, Y'Know, Not Really) • Year: 1991 • Info: Wikipedia

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