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The Patchwork Girl of Oz
Literature Comic

The Patchwork Girl of Oz

The Patchwork Girl of Oz

Publication Date: April 9, 2013

Chapter: The Wonderful Comics of Oz

"Patchwork Girl," the first book in an unbroken series of Oz books that would last for almost the next forty years, is really quite good. I mean, it's surprising, given that Baum felt forced into making it, but it really is a pretty great book. That said, it's also clearly following in a particular template, very intentionally lifting elements and structure from "Wizard," including the Yellow Brick Road itself.

Of course, I also find the title character to be like nails on a chalkboard, but that's just a personal problem.

Author: L. Frank Baum • Year: 1913 • Info: Tor Online

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