Tom Thumb (Part 01)

Publication Date: February 12, 2013

Chapter: Children's Literature

Over the weekend, I decided that Lit Brick really needed to be it's own "thing," so we're going back to the basics; it's Lit Brick Classic, as it were. Today begins what will no doubt be an increasingly silly adventure into the Norton Anthology of CHILDREN'S Literature. Because why not. I love this stuff.

"Tom Thumb" is a traditional folk tale that existed long before Richard Johnson wrote it down in 1621. The version in the Norton is actually an anonymous adaption dating from around 1790, published as a "chapbook," which was a popular format roughly the size of a modern comic book. While I'd rather not spoil Tom's ridiculous adventures (insomuch as one can spoil a centuries-old story), suffice it to say that Tom's dad was shooting blanks in the sack. As such, he sought out Merlin (yes, THAT Merlin) to give him a child. The father's request for said child (that the kid be no taller than his thumb) was rather oddly specific.

Author: Richard Johnson • Year: 1621 • Info: Wikipedia

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