A Model of Christian Charity (Part 1)

Publication Date: November 20, 2012

Chapter: American Literature to 1700

John Winthrop is famous for many things, the first and foremost of which was his leadership in the Puritan colonists. On the boat ride over, he gave a very, very long speech about preachy boring stuff, presumably because the passengers on the ship had nothing better to do. Anyway, Winthrop's long boring speech was transcribed and became rather famous, mostly for the part I'll make fun of on Thursday.

I suppose I should note some historical inaccuracy here (as if that ever stopped Lit Brick before): I've drawn Standish and Mrs. Bradford here with Winthrop, when - in reality - Winthrop's boat of Puritans was totally different than Bradford's boat of Separatists. Still, I wanted to draw Standish again, so I've smushed all the Pilgrim tribes together in my head. Deal with it.

Author: John Winthrop • Year: 1630 • Info: Wikipedia

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