New English Canaan (Part 1)

Publication Date: November 6, 2012

Chapter: American Literature to 1700

And so, let us return to America.

Thomas Morton serves as a reminder than not every person that came to settle America was an intolerant racist dick. Upon his arrival in the New World, he discovered a great respect for the native people, frequently referring to them as being far more civilized than the neighboring Puritans. He thus traded everything (including guns) with the Native Americans and treated them as equals. Later, after learning with disgust that his business partner was selling indentured servants, Morton encouraged said servants to rise up against their masters. After a brief rebellion, Morton and his followers set up their own little town, Merry Mount.

After Morton erected the Maypole, a pagan symbol around which the town of Merry Mount would party, William Bradford decided he could no longer tolerate his "heathen" neighbors. Enter our old chum, Myles Standish.

Author: Thomas Morton • Year: 1637 • Info: Wikipedia

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