Watership Down, Part 1

Publication Date: April 9, 2012

Chapter: Random Literature

And thus begins COMMISSIONPALOOZA! It's currently scheduled to last all the way through June 13th, unless more strips get commissioned, in which case it'll last even longer! In any event, these strips are a lot of fun to make, so keep 'em coming!

Now then, as for today - and the rest of the week - we have Watership Down, the most depressing thing written about bunny rabbits ever. Though a classic book of the 20th century, I believe most people of a particular generation will be more familiar with the (surprisingly faithful) film adaption from 1978. It seems very, very similar to the book in most respects, just with some bits and pieces trimmed out. It's also been nightmare fodder for children for well over thirty years now! Seriously, there's some disturbing crap in that "kid's movie," not the least of which is a song by Art Garfunkel. I mean, talk about scary!

In any event, the story opens with a legend about the origin of the rabbits and their god, who is quite literally the sun. As you might expect by now, I just can't let god-talk go without rejoining our favorite cheesecake divinity.

Author: Richard Adams • Year: 1972 • Info: Wikipedia

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