The Diary of Samuel Pepys

Publication Date: September 28, 2011

Chapter: English Literature During The Restoration And The Eighteenth Century

Samuel Pepys wrote a diary. It was kind of like a blog, only on paper. Unlike the blogs of today, however, Pepys didn't ponder which My Little Pony he was like, or chat about the latest Radiohead album. Instead, he provided future historians with valuable information about daily life in the 17th Century, as well as first-hand accounts of historical events, such as the Great Fire of London. The Great Fire, as it turns out, began in 1666. They really should've seen that one coming.

Pepys name, as an aside, is pronounced "peeps." The 21st Century usage of that word makes me laugh every time I say his name out loud. If he had lots of fans, could they be called Pepys Peeps? Why, I believe they could.

Author: Samuel Pepys • • Year: 1666 • Info: Wikipedia

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