The Memorandum of Martha Moulsworth

Publication Date: June 28, 2011

Chapter: English Literature in the Early Seventeenth Century

Martha was quite a saucy woman for the 17th Century, well-educated and fiercely independent. She also was a big fan of sex, not that we can blame her for that. By the age of fifty-five, she'd already outlived three different husbands, each of of whom Martha very much "enjoyed." There's really no room for interpretation here; she boned a lot and had fun in the process.

Hilariously, she finds herself slightly confused about the afterlife near the end of her poem. When she arrives in heaven, which husband will be the one she shares eternity with? It's an interesting question, really, and you don't hear it asked all that often. In any event, she's apparently wary at this point of finding Number Four, since that only risks complicating her life beyond the grave still further.

Author: Martha Moulsworth • Year: 1632 • Info: Google Books

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