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The Wonder City of Oz
Literature Comic

The Wonder City of Oz

The Wonder City of Oz

Publication Date: June 23, 2011

Chapter: The Wonderful Comics of Oz

This strip is a request from my myself, as I simply couldn't keep living without drawing a strip about "The Wonder City of Oz." I know it's obscure, but hell, Lit Brick was founded upon obscurities. In any event, Wonder City is the bugnut craziest book I've ever read. Yes, it's even crazier than the Native American mythology. The below link sums up its madness nicely, so I won't regurgitate the plot for you (such as it is).

Suffice it to say, an election is being held in the Emerald City, a concept which itself is insane for a monarchy established by a godlike race of fairies. Queen Ozma is going up against newcomer Jenny Jump, a teenager from New Jersey with a short temper and a flair for fashion. Over the course of the book, Ozma is her usual ineffectual self while Jenny saves the ass of everyone in Oz on several occasions. Thus, for the crime of being competent, Jenny loses the election. And her magical fairy powers. And the last several years of her life. And a significant portion of her brain.

Sometimes, Oz is just wrong. Very, very wrong.

But seriously, I could draw a hundred strips about Wonder City and still have material for a hundred more. I may very well do a few more, actually, but I won't post them here. I suspect that a bunch of comics about a single Oz book is a little too self-indulgent, even for Lit Brick. Still, it's hard to ignore the comic possibilities of things like the Wizard's lobotomy, or Number Nine's "Hot For Teacher" hard-on for Jenny.

Author: John R. Neill (Sort Of) • Year: 1940 • Info: Tor.Com

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