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A Kidnapped Santa Claus (1 of 4)
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A Kidnapped Santa Claus (1 of 4)

A Kidnapped Santa Claus (1 of 4)

Publication Date: December 20, 2010

Chapter: Yuletide Jamboree

I know this probably won't come as a galloping shock to some people, but I'm big fan of L. Frank Baum. He is, arguably, my favorite author of all time. Part of that is undoubtedly due to nostalgia, but that's certainly not the only reason. He was wildly creative, and easily falls into the same category as Barrie or Carroll as an author capable of writing amazing stories for children that can still be enjoyed and relished by adults.

Case and point is this nugget of holiday joy, "A Kidnapped Santa Claus." Baum's Santa, while still delivering toys to all the girls and boys on Christmas Eve, lives in a very different world than the one commonly known by most people. Santa pimps around in a giant castle in a lush country, surrounded on one side by a magical forest inhabited by several mythical races, and on the other by a mountain range that hides the homes of five jerkface demons. These lands are also, if you're curious, part of Baum's larger fictional world. I'm not entirely sure where they lie in relation to Oz, but Santa and his peeps have been known to roll into the Emerald City on occasion.

Anyway, enough nerding out; it's story time. As our story begins, the five demons (of Selfishness, Envy, Hatred, Malice and Repentance) are chilling out in a cave and bitching about how Santa Claus is bad for their discontented business. They need selfish people, or envious people, or... well, you get the point... to wander into their caves. I'm not really sure why they need people to show up, but they do. Thus, a plan is hatched: kidnap the Sandy Claws.

Author: L. Frank Baum • Year: 1904 • Info: Wikipedia

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