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Publication Date: August 25, 2010

Chapter: English Literature During The Middle Ages

Julian experienced a series of visions while very, very sick. She then locked herself inside a church and wrote about said visions for the rest of her life. Now, I'm not dissing her beliefs, but honestly, I imagine people see all kinds of crazy crap when they're at death's door. They're like waking dreams. Still, Julian's dreams were cool enough to make her "one of England's most important mystics," so more power to her.

Chapter three of her story is basically several paragraphs of, "God make me sick, and I thought I was about to die. Then I couldn't feel my legs and I thought I was about to die. Then they had me lying on the ground and I thought I was about to die. Then..." Well, you get the point. By the end, I was like, "Look, lady, just crap or get off the pot, alright?" Of course, after whining about almost being dead for a while, she gets hit with a vision and feels spiffy again. I guess she wasn't quite dead yet after all.

Author: Julian of Norwich • Year: c. 1393 • Info: Wikipedia

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