Canterbury Tales: The Miller's Prologue

Publication Date: July 12, 2010

Chapter: English Literature During The Middle Ages

The Miller is awesome. His defining characteristics are being drunk and belligerent. After the Knight finishes telling his story of honor and love, the Miller instantly steps in like Stadler and Waldorf, dissing the lame story and claiming to know one far better. Everyone else in the party is like, "God, why'd we let this drunken asshole ride with us to Canterbury?" The Host of the party tries to get someone - anyone - else to tell a story instead, but the Miller throws a hissy fit and demands to be heard. Then, after ranting and making vague threats to everybody else, the Miller apologizes and notes that he's a little drunk (as if anyone couldn't already tell).

It's pretty much genius.

Author: Geoffrey Chaucer • Year: c. 1386 • Info: Librarius

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