The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (1 of 3)

Publication Date: April 21, 2010

Chapter: English Literature During The Middle Ages

It goes without saying that the writers of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle weren't King William's biggest fans. In writing his obituary, they actually seem pretty stoked that he's finally dead. It's certainly a refreshingly objective memorial, as opposed to the way we instantly idolize the dead these days. Ultimately, the image I gather of the late King William the First is that he was a colossal douchebag.

In any event, this comic is a true story. No, seriously. Allow me to quote from the Norton Anthology's translation: "And if a man raped a woman, he immediately lost those parts with which he took pleasure." Now, I've gotta say, William may have been a jerk, but that's the greatest form of punishment I've ever heard. The U.S. Supreme Court should put that law back on the books.

Oh, and yeah, Maine was a province in France adjoining Normandy. I suspect they didn't really have lobsters and chinese food there.

Year: 1087 • Source: Norton OnlineInfo: Wikipedia

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