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About The Comic

Lit Brick is a webcomic created by John S. Troutman as a way to justify his degree in English. The comic is an exploration (and a relentless send-up) of all the literature one might find in college. Lit Brick was initially founded upon the idea of reading the entire Norton Anthology of English Literature and making fun of it, but over the course of several years, the comic has taken a few forks in the road.

Update Schedule

Lit Brick updates are very sporadic, for the moment, as I focus on my comic book work. That said, some of said comic books also involve Lit Brick material, so that's nice.


If you wish, you can support Lit Brick in a variety of ways.

I have a Patreon, in which you can pledge a certain amount of support for me and my work on a monthly basis. Rewards for the Patreon include early access to my comics, among other things.

• You can commission a Lit Brick strip based on the literary topic of your choice!

• Finally, I also have an Amazon Wishlist specifically for Lit Brick-related reading material.

What's Up With Molly?

Molly is a character I created when I started Lit Brick in order to provide some outside commentary on the different topics from within the comic itself. She's basically an author avatar.

What's Up With She-Jesus?

The break-out star of Lit Brick has undoubtedly been the cheesecake goddess known as She-Jesus. Initially just a curvy and sarcastic parody of Jesus, she eventually developed her own quirks and stories. The character continued to spiral out of control until The Gospel of Carol was born to tell her story outside the confines of Lit Brick itself.

What's Up With Sporkman?

Sporkman is my oldest character, a silly superhero that originated back in junior high. He's popped up in several comics over the years, but the only one relevant to this conversation is Classic Sporkman.